Stages of Seat Safety - Stage 3 Installation

Booster Seats

Before you install:
Read the car seat owner’s manual and the child restraint section of the vehicle manual before attempting an installation.

With the Seat:

  1. Check labels to determine the correct belt path.
  2. To use a 'no-back booster', the vehicle seat MUST have a head rest.
  3. Check your seat – some high backed boosters require a head rest.

With the Child:

  1. The seat belt should be routed under the arm rests of the booster seat and thru the shoulder guide if there is one.
  2. The seat belt does NOT need to be locked. You may lock the belt while children are being booster trained, but should not continue past the point of child compliance as it is not necessary.

View this site for great installation videos.

vt department of health child passenger safety program