Stages of Seat Safety - Stage 1 Installation

Rear Facing Seat

Before you install:
Read the car seat owner's manual and the child restraint section of the vehicle manual before attempting an installation.

With the Seat:

  1. Check labels to determine the correct belt path.
  2. Pick a method: seat belt or LATCH, not both.
  3. If using the seat belt, it must be locked when used with a car seat. See the vehicle manual for instructions.
  4. Make sure the seat is secured and tight in the vehicle with less than one inch of side-to side movement. Check this by placing hands at the belt path and pulling.
  5. You may need to try several times before you have an acceptably tight installation - keep at it!

With the Child:

  1. Shoulder straps must be AT or BELOW the shoulders.
  2. Make sure nothing is behind or under the seat or child-no bunting, blankets or bulky clothing.
  3. Place the chest clip at armpit level.
  4. Harness must be flat and smooth - no twists.
  5. Harness must be snug. If it can be pinched at the shoulder, tighten the harness.
  6. If in doubt, visit your local Car Seat Assistance Station for help.

View this site for great installation videos.

vt department of health child passenger safety program